Under the moniker Chvnce comes a fully evolved Hayden Chance, who is currently two full-length albums and two EPs into his career. The project draws influence from psychedelic rock, 80s synthwave, and indie pop and is crafted exclusively by Hayden’s own hands, writing, recording, producing, and mixing everything himself.

His first full-length album Guest Room was released in 2016 shortly before Chvnce began touring as a five-piece live act on both the east and west coasts. A year later, Millennial Hippie debuted in July 2017, cementing his 60’s-70’s-psych influences while also incorporating rich, understated pop. 

After the successful release of Millennial Hippie, Hayden decided to get back to work in the studio and prep for a new single. Being inspired from his travels and experiences in the summer of 2019, Hayden wrote and released 'Peach', which was released later that same year.

When the COVID pandemic hit in spring of 2020, Hayden was forced to get back in the studio and work on his next release. With numerous ideas floating in his head, he decided it to focus on a handful of songs to release as a EP. Thus, Mellow Lane was born was released in March 2021 under Good Weather Records, which was also the label's debut effort.

At the beginning 2024, Hayden began breaking into new musical landscapes, which molded into a vibey summer track ‘A Surfer’s Mind'. Featuring elements of dub, reggae, and psych rock, yet still sounding original and true to his sound.

“A Surfer's Mind was inspired by travels to some of the world's most desired surf locations. From the North Shore of Oahu, Hanalei Bay Kauai, Maui, Cocoa Beach and Malibu. Those beautiful landscapes and the surfer's way of life has always inspired me. It just felt right to create a song that lives in that world.” - Hayden C.